LSD theoretical lifespan calculation program (beta)

1.Model selection:

2.Installation selection:

(1)Installation type:

(2)Num of rail and block:

3.Velocity condition:


(2)Load factor(fw)=

(3)Acceleration time(T1)=

(4)Deceleration time(T3)=


(6)Rounds per minute(n)=

4.Operating condition:

(1)Block type:

(2)Preload grade:

(3)Position of trust Br=

(4)Position of trust Bt=

5.Loading selection:

(1)Num of loading:

(2)Loading1: Mass m1=

        Position Ga1=

        Position Gt1=

        Position Gr1=













3.Velocity graph:

4.Operating diagram:

5.Loading diagram:

2.Installation diagram:

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